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Our team

The Aromas de Los Filabres team is made up of professionals who are passionate and committed to our philosophy and mission. We are proud to have a team highly trained in botany, chemistry and formulation of natural products.


Our philosophy is based on the search for beauty and wellbeing through nature. We believe in the power of natural and organic ingredients to effectively and healthily care for skin and hair. We strive to offer products that are environmentally friendly and free of harmful ingredients.


To ensure that we are always on the cutting edge, our team receives constant training on developments in the natural cosmetics industry. We maintain close relationships with experts in botany and science, as well as participate in specialised conferences and workshops.


We believe in the importance of sharing our knowledge and values with our customers, so we strive to provide transparent and educational information about our products and their natural benefits. We are committed to providing the best possible experience, from formulation to packaging, to deliver exceptional products that reflect our passion and dedication to natural beauty.

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